We're currently out of stock on the adjustable power supplies, and are including a VVPS with a standard 12v wall wart with vapes at the moment.

We now include power supplies with built-in adjustability! Link: 3-12v Adjustable Power Supply

Our vapes are now set to extra hot (sometimes combustion level) and we now include an adjustable power supply with them, so you can dim the heat to exactly where you like it. The usable range on this power supply is approximately number 3-7. We suggest setting the vape to 6 or 7 and leaving it for about 15-20 minutes or so to fully heat up. Then adjust from there if needed. This power supply should not be used with any of the other solutions outlined below, as it is a complete solution in itself.


A dimmer can only turn down the heat, but not raise it above what a regular non-adjustable wall wart can provide. If you have a regular non-adjustable power supply, you can compensate for this by starting with a higher voltage power supply, and using a dimmer to go down from there -- the higher the voltage, the hotter the vape, and vice versa. 15 volts is well above the maximum voltage you would ever need. For a limited time, we made a dimmer with an LED voltage read-out screen (picture below). These were a nice economic solution, but the screen jumped around a bit, and they were not as precise as our new VVPS option. You can buy just the dimmer without the voltage screen, from places like Amazon, but it's difficult to keep track of where you are voltage-wise since the dials are not marked.

If you use a 15v power supply with your UD, you must NEVER run it without the dimmer (turned down appropriately). Please see the Voltage Guide at the bottom of this page.


Another option for adjustable temperature is a VVPS, which stands for Variable Voltage Power Supply. There are different types of VVPSs, each with their own pros and cons. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Underdog VVPS Units

We currently offer a VVPS unit that is simple, durable and economic. This can be used in conjuction with either a 12v or 15v non-adjustable power supply, and can adjust the temperature down from there. Most users will find that 12v is the maximum voltage they will need, but for users with cool running vapes, those who would like to vape concentrates, or those who need more heat, 15v is more than enough. Using a power supply that puts out more than 15v will immediately damage your VVPS. If you have any doubts about your set up, please contact us first. These units come in both a small "travel" size, as well as in bigger multi-channel sizes (available on a limited basis) that can power multiple vapes (at individual different voltages) at the same time. The adjustment knob on these units is smooth, and their reliability and lifespan is better than any other solution we've found.

Links: Travel Size VVPS

Buck/Boost Unit

This type of unit requires a little bit of DIY. To start, you can buy the buck/boost board here on Ebay (sorry link no longer valid). Then you'll need a 12 volt power supply and an extension cord. Basically, you need a power supply to feed power to the board, and then you need to insert the board like a dimmer switch in the middle of your extension cord. You'll cut the extension cord in half, strip the wire ends and insert the proper ends into the appropriately labeled In and Out terminals in the board. Then just tighten the screws on the terminals to secure the wires in place. Alternatively, you could just buy a cheap 12 volt power supply and cut its cord in half and do the same thing, but we find that using an extension cord is a more elegant solution. Just plug the power supply into the correct side of the modified extension cord with buck/boost board, and your vape into the other.

Contact us if you run into any problems or need help making one of these.

Tattoo Style VVPS

This type of unit is one of the cheaper options available (though the least reliable), and you will need a Tattoo VVPS Cable to plug it into your vape. Here is a popular Tattoo Style VVPS on Ebay. Please note that you do not need the optional bypass plug for this particular VVPS, though some other types of tattoo style VVPS units do. If the VVPS unit has a second port for a pedal plug, you will need to get a bypass plug to stick in the port to make it work. All Hildbrandt VVPS units need a bypass plug. If you're feeling handy and want to build your own cable, we also sell the 1/4" mono plugs and 2.1mm power cord with pigtail ends separately on our Electrical Accessories page.

Lab Style VVPS

This type of unit is typically a little more expensive than the tattoo kind, and you will need a Lab Style VVPS Cable to plug it into your vape. Here is a popular Lab Style VVPS on Amazon. For those of you who think the flames are a bit much, we have had some customers report that they received an all black unit, but no guarantees. :) If you're feeling handy and want to build your own cable, we also sell the banana plugs and 2.1mm power cord with pigtail ends separately on our Electrical Accessories page.

Guidelines for Running Your UD with a VVPS

To get the most out of your Underdog experience, we strongly suggest you read and follow these simple instructions.

  1. Start at 11-12v OR 6-7 on the new adjustable power supplies and let your vape fully warm up. Most UDs reach full temperature by 20 minutes.
  2. Adjust your voltage up or down (guide below) as needed. Allow 1-2 minutes for your UD to stabilize at the new temp before making further adjustments.

    Please note that large or very dense wood pieces may need more time to stabilize.
Voltage Guide
Aromatherapy (w/cup)

Vape Standby

to Vape Low

Vape Normal

Vape Max

New Generation Stainless Heater Cartridge Vapes

Vape Max

Old Generation Resistor Vapes Only! 5 min max!

3v-4.5v 7-10v 11v-12.5v 13v-13.5v 14v


Voltages above 13 volts will accelerate wear and tear on your vaporizer (and use up its lifespan faster), so use accordingly. Voltage of 14 volts or higher will rapidly damage a resistor vape if used for more than a few minutes, and will damage a stainless heater cartridge vape if used at all. Running your vape too hot can damage your vape, will void your warranty and could possibly cause a fire. Please boost your vape temp responsibly.

  • Do not run at greater than 13v for prolonged periods of time.
  • Do not run at 14v for more than 5 minutes at a time (resistor vapes), and only if absolutely needed. Do not run stainless heater cartridge vapes at 14v ever.

If you are in doubt at all, please contact us! Better safe than sorry, and we're always happy to help.