• Micro-Dog
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This Micro vape is our newest and smallest innovation yet! It's got a super low-mass core (even smaller than our Mini-Dog's core), heating up in just a few minutes, using a standard 12v wall wart (not included). These are not recommended for 24/7 use, as they will deteriorate from the heat faster than a regular sized vape, but they will have a better lifespan than previous minis and micros, since they're full height (3.5 - 3.75 inches).

These come with a heating element, but no kit, no stems, etc. (Just the vape by itself). Not compatible, and not for use with Copper Aroma Cup or Stainless Lite Stems (these technically could work, but don't fit quite right).

While there is no warranty on these, we will rebuild it for you for a small rebuild fee if/when you want. Size, shape and grain pattern may vary from the one pictured. Species available (from left to right): Honey Locust, Black Walnut, Holly, Figured Walnut, Cherry and Maple. If you don't see the wood type you want in the drop down box, then that type has sold out.

Important: Micros are intended as something fun for existing UD users to play with, and not as an alternative to a regular, full size Underdog. As such, these are only available to customers who already have an Underdog Vape. In the required comment field above, just put something short and sweet to let us know that you understand this, and that you have a full size Underdog. Thank you!