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Extremely Happy New Customer
I have had my UD now for about 12 hours and had to share how much I love this first vape I've purchased. The shipping was fast, the great customer service started before I even made my purchase, all of the right pieces were in the box even with a last second change after placing my order. Everything was packed and protected nicely and works perfectly right out of the box.
In case it will help someone else similar to my background I wanted to share just how great this vaporizer is. I'm not a smoker and have been treating PTSD for almost two years all the while dreading the taste, sore throat and lungs, and all the health issues for a person when smoking is combined with some serious health issues.

I'm rather handy, having made several water pipes, bongs and other devices attempting to find the most efficiently burning (low temps and controllable) methods of getting the most medicinal benefit out of the least possible amount of plant to counter effect these health complications. Also being a hobbyist wood worker myself I wasn't going to be happy with low quality materials or craftsmanship let alone the operation of the device. I am a die hard DIY kind of guy, in case you are also, and I am impressed with the quality of all the materials and operation.

On to a quick couple of notes about operation; I accidentally left the power dimmer dial [dimmer sold separately] on full, with the copper aromatherapy cup on top with a bit of wax and oil and wandered off to watch a movie, of course forgetting to turn the heat down. A couple of hours later I returned and everything was fine. The outside of the unit gets rather warm but not hot enough to damage anything else or itself, and the silicone ring works perfectly allowing you to remove the cup at operating temperature.
After watching the YouTube basic how to videos (which I highly recommend before buying so you know exactly what you're getting) and practicing once or twice I had the operation down and felt comfortable testing things out.

I've had the opportunity to try out a surprising variety of glassware with and without water and other combustion based herb delivery methods and I can assure you there is no shortcoming in the quality or quantity this device delivers. I took the advice and chose 3 different types of stems out of the 4 shipped at purchase and they really behave differently. I can see possible frustration if someone only chose one type or didn't happen to choose a stem that fit their intended use. If you aren't a life time recreational user who regularly hits snoop dog size blunts or 3 foot tall super bongs to get wasted I think you'll be happy with this delivery once you get the hang of it.

If I made a pro vs con list the only thing I would note on the con side at this point is my opinion that the inhaled air from the vape can easily get hot enough and be almost as uncomfortable as some smoking/combustion methods of delivery with a possible burnt lip or tongue if you weren't careful. Please refer to the above comment that this is my first non combustion vape use of any kind including any type of e-cig so I can't compare how hot this gets to any other standard out there. My suggestion to UD would be to include a couple of compatible bubbler or ice chamber type options right on the website. Even if a customer like myself wasn't educated enough to grab it at initial purchase time, they would be able to come back and order the right pieces to fit, as soon as they wanted to cool things off or add in some hydration. To other customers like myself who aren't really a smoker and need to fix that aspect, I would suggest looking in to the bubbler example underdogette demonstrated in the YouTube video. I think I need to get one of those.

If any prospective customer wants more detailed information on an aspect of the vape I missed I'm going to be on the FC underdog forum with the name of Lemmings and I would be happy to answer other questions.

I would emphatically recommend this line of products to anyone in need of a high quality (IE medical equipment), dependable device that does exactly what is advertised.
5 out of 5 Stars!


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