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Great for essential oils too
Although I purchased my Econo-Dog primarily for vaporizing herbs, the addition of copper cups was a deciding factor in my purchase. Glad I got the cups too, as although I've only had my Econo-Dog for a few weeks I've decided to stop vaporizing herbs for the foreseeable future and am now using it solely as an oil burner. As an oil burner it's definitely a step above the candle based burners I've used in the past in terms of ease of use (I've broken candle heated glass burners a number of times from forgetting I had it going... I don't see this happening with the Econo-Dog). I'm currently using plain oils, but I plan on getting some beeswax as recommended. Oh, and it made/makes a great herbal vaporizer too.
5 out of 5 Stars!


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