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FREEE log anyone???
I had already been using a log vaporizer for a few years before discovering underdog. My old vaporizer was dead and I wanted it fixed but the company had disappeared (purpledays) so I'm very glad I ended up discovering underdog.

I first got a beautiful purple log underdog which lasted me 3 years. Not only was the piece a work of art but it also was very efficient and practical and it was certainly helpful that my asthma improved because I was no longer smoking. I was also able to get glass/silicone pieces after switching to underdog, so I knew all the pieces of the vape was healthy. In fact during a several months period when I didn't touch the vape my asthma didn't improve, which was proof to me that this vaporizer, with reasonable, mild, but regular usage does not hurt my lungs and at the same time it helped me get off the bad pharmaceutical pills, such as painkillers etc, so I don't have to put up with their side effect. The perfect solution for a medical user! I can also use the log with a glass piece and a glass on glass (GonG) stem which connects the two.

However this isn't even the best part.

The customer service was extremely helpful whenever I needed an accessory, or the one or two times when the electric cord was damaged and I needed to figure out what cord to get.
But it wasn't until I got a new cord and the vaporizer (my first underdog) still didn't work, proving to be dead after being a companion for three years, that customer service REALLY BLEW MY MIND OFF:

They asked me to ship them my old vaporizer, the purple log and sent me a FREE NEW vaporizer that I even got to choose the model of!!!!!! Now I have a beautiful maple log which looks very different than my first underdog, the purple log, but is equally mesmerizing in its beauty and this new maple log has been going strong for 2 years now!

I know of no other company that would do this. They really set new frontiers in customer service and pleasing customers beyond their wildest imaginations.

As an underdog customer of 5 years, I pray this company stays in good business and grows and they deserve all the best. <3 LOVE UNDERDOG <3
5 out of 5 Stars!

New Underdog User
I just retired my (roughly) ten year old Volcano for this and am extremely pleased. Reminds me very much of my old Purple Days (May she RIP) which I loved so very much. Cuts usage down immediately to about half of what I was using daily on the Volcano. It's also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship which is nice simply to look at. Only a matter of time before I buy another one haha.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Amazing Service
Thank you very much for the service Amanda. It has been the most reliable device that I have used and I really appreciate the level of service and communication that you have with your customers. You guys run a great company and I look forward to being a customer for a long time.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Can't believe how efficient it is!
I've been vaping with a launch box alongside smoking for several years, but I think that's finally come to an end.

I've only had it one night, but it had me on my ass with one nylon stem full. (Similar to a bat style one hitter) My partner who is notorious for being a "more more more " herb hog got uncomfortably lifted with one nylon stem as well, to give you an idea of the horsepower we're talking about.

The custom work is gorgeous, the aromatherapy works well so far, and the order was placed on Friday afternoon and it arrived Monday. What more is there to say?

Best vape I've ever used, and ill be thrilled to order from these guys again.
5 out of 5 Stars!

I am blown away!
I have been on the fence about ordering a vaporizer for quite some time and decided it was time to take the plunge. After all my research it kept pointing towards a log vape.

I purchased a lovely little walnut underdog that now has a permanent place on my desk.

My consumption has been cut in half! this thing has already payed for itself in the month that i have had it.

It only took 2 sessions to figure out the screen positioning and when/where i should move it depending on the temp. I have accidentally achieved combustion a few times but it only happens if i haven't used it in 10-20 minutes and i draw too hard before it has a chance to cool down a tad.

I use this with a Bent 10" water pipe and it is MORE satisfying than combustion could ever give me.

I think my only criticism would be that for the price a dimmer could easily be a default item but i havent found a need for one yet.

Odd side note - SEGA Genesis power adapters are 10V and are the same polarity and plug size as these units so you could technically use the one supplied to heat up the unit and the SEGA adapter to keep it at a lower temp (which i sometimes do :-) )

11/10 - would buy again!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Extremely Happy New Customer
I have had my UD now for about 12 hours and had to share how much I love this first vape I've purchased. The shipping was fast, the great customer service started before I even made my purchase, all of the right pieces were in the box even with a last second change after placing my order. Everything was packed and protected nicely and works perfectly right out of the box.
In case it will help someone else similar to my background I wanted to share just how great this vaporizer is. I'm not a smoker and have been treating PTSD for almost two years all the while dreading the taste, sore throat and lungs, and all the health issues for a person when smoking is combined with some serious health issues.

I'm rather handy, having made several water pipes, bongs and other devices attempting to find the most efficiently burning (low temps and controllable) methods of getting the most medicinal benefit out of the least possible amount of plant to counter effect these health complications. Also being a hobbyist wood worker myself I wasn't going to be happy with low quality materials or craftsmanship let alone the operation of the device. I am a die hard DIY kind of guy, in case you are also, and I am impressed with the quality of all the materials and operation.

On to a quick couple of notes about operation; I accidentally left the power dimmer dial [dimmer sold separately] on full, with the copper aromatherapy cup on top with a bit of wax and oil and wandered off to watch a movie, of course forgetting to turn the heat down. A couple of hours later I returned and everything was fine. The outside of the unit gets rather warm but not hot enough to damage anything else or itself, and the silicone ring works perfectly allowing you to remove the cup at operating temperature.
After watching the YouTube basic how to videos (which I highly recommend before buying so you know exactly what you're getting) and practicing once or twice I had the operation down and felt comfortable testing things out.

I've had the opportunity to try out a surprising variety of glassware with and without water and other combustion based herb delivery methods and I can assure you there is no shortcoming in the quality or quantity this device delivers. I took the advice and chose 3 different types of stems out of the 4 shipped at purchase and they really behave differently. I can see possible frustration if someone only chose one type or didn't happen to choose a stem that fit their intended use. If you aren't a life time recreational user who regularly hits snoop dog size blunts or 3 foot tall super bongs to get wasted I think you'll be happy with this delivery once you get the hang of it.

If I made a pro vs con list the only thing I would note on the con side at this point is my opinion that the inhaled air from the vape can easily get hot enough and be almost as uncomfortable as some smoking/combustion methods of delivery with a possible burnt lip or tongue if you weren't careful. Please refer to the above comment that this is my first non combustion vape use of any kind including any type of e-cig so I can't compare how hot this gets to any other standard out there. My suggestion to UD would be to include a couple of compatible bubbler or ice chamber type options right on the website. Even if a customer like myself wasn't educated enough to grab it at initial purchase time, they would be able to come back and order the right pieces to fit, as soon as they wanted to cool things off or add in some hydration. To other customers like myself who aren't really a smoker and need to fix that aspect, I would suggest looking in to the bubbler example underdogette demonstrated in the YouTube video. I think I need to get one of those.

If any prospective customer wants more detailed information on an aspect of the vape I missed I'm going to be on the FC underdog forum with the name of Lemmings and I would be happy to answer other questions.

I would emphatically recommend this line of products to anyone in need of a high quality (IE medical equipment), dependable device that does exactly what is advertised.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Simply Performs
Being a regular smoker, I was on the fence about the Underdog Vape. I'd read good reviews on popular vaping websites, but all of these guys had these super duper setups and were talking complicated numbers and concepts that, frankly, overwhelmed a newcomer like me to the vaping scene. So let me give you my much more simple story.

The package arrived very well packed, and once opened, was pretty self explanatory. If you can figure out how to charge a cell phone, you can figure out how to set it up, although the youtube video did describe the operation very well (and I recommend watching it). I plugged it in, let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, and then gave it a whirl. Wowzers! Some hand trimmed flowers (I don't even have a grinder yet, so I had to use scissors and a shot glass) and the glass stem, and a few gentle pulls later, and what would have normally resulted in an "alright buzz" now has me floored. Not only is the sensation so much stronger than if I'd used a traditional pipe, but I used about half as much with the Underdog as I would have in a traditional pipe.

The unit itself appears to be something other than paraphernalia, which is a huge deal for a lot of people. If you are using it for medicinal purposes like I am, then there isn't any harm in having it in the open. It doesn't get hot on the outside, which was another concern of mine. I'd say it's barely warmer than a luke-warm cup of coffee.

In short:

Gives you a better high than combustion
Uses less material to achieve that better high
Is quality built and simple (less stuff to break)
Doesn't scream paraphernalia at all
Safe and actually really easy to use

Requires a power source (although being 12v does mean that it can run off of a lot of things, like a car charger. However, no power source whatsoever means no operation)

The simple guy's verdict-
Absolutely no reason not to own an Underdog Vape, especially since the customer service is also top notch. Better experience, saves money, win win.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Exceeded my ridiculously high expectations
After reading through numerous testimonials and reviews from this site, FC forums, and /r/vaporents, I had very high expectations for this vaporizer. Everyone would rant and rave about Log vapes and how they are one of the best choices for a desktop unit. Well, the holiday sale rolled around and I was in the market for a new vaporizer, so I decided to pull the trigger and get an Underdog for a great price. I could not be happier.

First of all, the actual vaporizer is beautiful. It really is a piece of art with a unique design, and I love that I can keep it out on my desk 24/7. My favorite thing about this vaporizer is the efficiency. After my first session, I was absolutely shocked at the minimal amount of material I used. I can tell it's already going to pay for its self after a few months. The main reason why I decided to pick an Underdog over (the very few) other log vapes out there was due to the ability to select 4 different stems and the amazing customer support. Not only is Underdogette very active in both of the communities listed above, but actively encourages people to contact them if they have any questions or need some help. Between the extension cord, 4 stems offered, pre-installed O-ring, and underbutter that's included with your purchase really make you feel like you're getting a good deal.

I cannot recommend this vaporizer enough, and I strongly insist you consider buying one right now during the holiday sale for the amazing price. Something tells me I'll be owning multiple Underdogs in the future.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Man's Best Friend Indeed!
I ordered one of the Holiday Vape specials on Christmas Day (a Friday) and received my Underdog that next Monday. I could really stop my review right there because that's just crazy fast, but what's the fun in that?
The UD has it all, right out the box. You can go crazy with all the accessories, but your starter kit with your choice of four stems will take you far. I love that there's a stem for pretty much each mood, although I'm tied to the NonG. It's so simple- plug it in, wait a few minutes (around 6, I timed it today) and have at. A little pinch will put you right, you'll be amazed at how little. And performance is crazy! I mean, crazy.
I especially love the laid back vibe of the UD. Back in my combustion days, I'd like to pack a bowl, kill it and then add a puff or two as needed. My other vapes have all been session vapes, which is great, but it's really nice to have the 'heat on demand' again. I'm a happy customer, you will be too!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Amazing product all around!
I ordered the Maple Standard Core, and I must say I am blown away! I have used many other vapes (Lotus, Arizer Solo, Vapor Brothers), and this one is by far my favourite! Vapor quality is very high, and efficiency is off the charts! Most excellent with the GonG through my Sasquatch mini water pipe! If you are on the fence, buy now!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Amazing vape and customer service!
I've been trying to switch from smoking to vaping for years, but my previous vapes never ended up being anything more than novelties in my collection. There was something strangely sterile about pulling from bags and whips, and they never worked nearly as well as my trusty glassware. The Underdog has completely changed that -- not only does it produce dense, potent clouds, but the variety of stems allow me to use it with all my favorite pieces.

Their customer service is every bit as good as their product. The Post Office mis-routed my package, but they sent me out an immediate replacement -- on a Saturday no less! They've kept in regular contact with me, making sure I was happy with everything. It's obvious they really care about their customers and their vapes, I only wish I'd bought one sooner!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Outstanding vaporizer with even better customer service
If you're looking for a powerful, elegant, and efficient vaporizer, you've found the one for you.
The underdog vaporizer is by far the best vaporizer I've ever used.
The sleek wooden design is both well crafted and unique, two things not often found in other vaporizers. Also not found in other vaporizers is how efficient and powerful the Underdog is.

On top of creating beautiful vaporizers, this company has outstanding customer service.
When my power cord broke and when I had questions about my Underdog, I simply sent an email and was met with great support and kindness. The staff at Underdog popped another power supply in the mail the next day and my questions were always answered thoroughly.
All in all, this company produces beautiful, efficient vaporizers and has top of the line customer service. They've definitely got a customer for life!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Noah K.

One Year Old Pup
OK, so it's been one year with my Big Leaf Maple Underdog Log Vaporizer and what can I say? The more I use it, the more I love it. Who wouldn't love having a super beautiful burl vaporizer sitting on the coffee table? (Well, maybe Nancy Reagan.) I also love getting clouds in 10 minutes. The fat glass stems are my favorite and the dog vapes them perfectly. Thanks to the owners, Dave and Amanda for their professionalism throughout the whole purchase process. I have no desire for any other type of vape and I highly recommend the Underdog to anyone looking for a great vaporizer.
5 out of 5 Stars!

The best most efficient vape on the market!!
I own a herbalizer, arizer eq, ssv, amongst many more and I have to say I wish I came across the underdog vape earlier because it truly out performs those listed above!! And also because it suits all my vapor needs, It conserves like no other, taste great, and performs consistently EVERY TIME!! And besides that the vapes themselves are each unique and beautiful!!!
5 out of 5 Stars!

No Ordinary Log
Peering through the looking glass
I saw a distant smog
What hides behind the tall grass
A dark and perilous bog?

We pushed on through the rain,
The wind, the cold
Until we no longer felt pain.
Lo and behold

A haze of fog surrounding
Timber spews vapor abounding
Though this is no ordinary log
It's the legendary Underdog
5 out of 5 Stars!

Christmas in July!
Maple and Beech
Myrtle and Oak
Hello to my Dog
Goodbye to my smoke
Northern Cali
to Western PA
Can it be done
in a few business days
Most will say no
I'll just patiently wait
And roll with the Underdogs
Amanda and Dave

And a Haiku:

My first Underdog... The Big Leaf Maple
Its on the way!!!
Is this what they mean by "Christmas in July"

Thank you to Underdogette and Underdog. Today, as a first time customer, I can honestly say that I really didn't know what to expect from you or your your vapes a few weeks ago when I was lurking on FC and trying to decide what vape to bring home next. I'm glad I went with you guys. I am more than happy with everything. I truly understand how people end up with multiple Underdogs because, even though I’m really happy with my Dogs, there are already a few others that I have my eye on. Underdogette gave me some pointers on how to keep the temp down in my preferred range and I love the vapor. Its taste and temp are perfect for me. After all of this I really understand why your customers support you the way they do. Thanks again.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Beautiful Afzelia Burl
Awoke this morn and came to my favorite site
Heading to my underdog page and squeal in delight
Reading of prizes and giveaways
They sure know how to make everyone's days

Beautifully handcrafted all of their logs
Everyone needs to have one of their dogs
They make you part of their family
So we all can vape happily

And a Haiku:

afzelia burl
all nice and warm to the touch
vaping with my dog
5 out of 5 Stars!

Ready to Hit
Fishing all day,
Sunburnt but hey,
Drove all this way,
The fishing was shit,
Almost getting home,
Underdogs warm,
Ready to hit
5 out of 5 Stars!

Heavenly Underdog
A log...
Not an Herb Hog...
This Heavenly Vape will leave you agog...

Up in the clouds...
Of my 'Dogs I am proud...
I think I'll pack a stem!
5 out of 5 Stars!

Home Sweet Home with my UD
Driving home from work all night,
Something doesn't feel quite right...
I begin to think back upon my day,
Too much work, too little pay.
Although I love the work I do,
It wears on my mind, and body too.

My knees both ache, my back is sore,
And has my neck ever hurt like this before?
If I'm the captain then I must steer,
To calmer waters of my career.
I could continue to dwell about work all day,
But I've got a dog that wants to play.

Home again, I've come at last,
Release the hound, it has a task!
Turn on the shower, and fill his bowl,
Reward me with scents to soothe my soul.
I hum as I wash, and let pup harmonize,
Singing sweet lavender lullabies.

Out of the bath and onto the bed,
Let's share a puff and clear my head!
Draw in deep, or a little less,
Exhale pain, exhale stress.
My mood lightens, and I intend,
To find my dog another friend.

So many dogs to fill my needs,
How will I choose among the breeds?
Rook, A Redwood queen?
Bacote hugs or Rosewood dreams?
Myrtle, Tamarind, Pecan or Teak?
Any dog can fill that seat!

There's no real way that I'll choose wrong,
The Underdog clan breeds their pups strong!
Quality and service are widely known,
To those with dogs in loving homes.
A word to those who are looking too,
When you adopt a dog, the pack adopts you.

And a Haiku:

The Underdog naps
I embrace the sweet vapor
Finally sleep comes
5 out of 5 Stars!


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