(9/12/17) As many of you know, we are relocating our home and shop, so custom work is currently on hold. We estimate 6-9 months, or longer. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Have you been searching for just the right log vape? A one of a kind, work of art, made by hand especially for you? Well, look no further! Underdog makes custom vapes that are surprisingly affordable and tailored to your specifications. Not only can you choose your wood type, you can choose the size, shape and finish for your vape as well!

How long does it take to get a custom piece made and do I have to prepay?

Most custom vapes are finished within two weeks (see above), and there is no deposit required to get started. You do not have to pay until it's ready to ship. Custom vapes come with the standard kit, including your choice of four stems.

What wood types can be used, and what is the cost?

We have a large selection of wood species, including many more that are not listed here. If you've got a favorite wood, just send us a message to see if we've got it or if we can source it for you. Alternatively, we can sometimes use a kiln-dried wood blank that you've sourced yourself. Please contact us before purchasing any wood to see if it's something that we can work with. Below, you can view our galleries of common wood types, separated by price range. Please keep in mind that this is only a guide and that the price could vary. For example, we may have an exceptional stock of a particular wood species, which could make its price higher than what's listed here.

What design options do I have, and does it affect the price?

Simple designs would not add any additional cost to your custom vape, though more complex designs could, depending on how crazy you'd like to get. See the galleries below for examples of simple vs complex designs. Also, be sure to check out our All Vapes gallery for more ideas. Quick hack, if you've got a fast internet connection and want to see all vapes at once, use this link. Please note that not all wood types are compatible with all designs. We'll help guide you through it.

You can also choose your leather bottom if you like. This gallery is just a small portion of the leather we have available, and if you prefer (or don't specify), we'll pick out a nice matching one for you.

Almost to the finish line. How about racing stripes?

In addition to the custom shape you pick, we can add some burn lines to your vape to give it that extra oomph. Choose a combination of thick and thin lines, and add as little, or as many as you'd like (within reason!). Then, choose to go au naturel or add a finish. Common finishes include oiling with walnut oil or mineral oil and buffing with carnuba wax (matte) or shellac (semi-gloss). Softer woods look better with matte finishes and harder woods look pretty slick with a semi-gloss. We can also apply a synthetic finish (to some wood types) if you wish.

What now?

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