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1" Retaining Ring
1 inch internal snap ring, stainless steel. For PD/MZ/WZ/UD log vapes. Please note that you will nee..
1/4" Mono Plugs, 3 pk
Use these 1/4 inch mono plugs for building your own VVPS cable. Pack of 3, made of metal. ..
2.1mm Power Cord w/Pigtail Ends
Use this cable to build your own VVPS cable. Cable is 6 feet in length and has a 2.1mm barrel connec..
Banana Plugs (Pair)
Pair of banana plugs for building your own Lab Style VVPS cable. (One red and one black plug) ..
Beeswax 1/3 oz
Use a few of these beeswax pellets with your essential oils to make them last longer. As a bonus, th..
Copper Aromatherapy Cup
This simple copper cup is the easiest way to use aromatherapy oils with your Underdog. Add a few bee..
Lead-Free, Hi-Temp Solder 18"
18 inch length of high temperature lead-free solder. Please note that opening or attempting to repai..
Muslin ABV Bag
Muslin ABV Bag. We provide one of these cotton bags with each vape in the standard kit. Use this bag..
UD Sticker
Addicted to stickers? Us too! Stick these Underdog stickers wherever you think could use a little mo..
Underbutter Touch Up Wax
Underbutter is our version of wood conditioner, made with organic beeswax and oil. We provide one of..
Vape Rebuild Service
This product is for rebuild service on your old AromaZap, Purple Days or Woodeez log vape. Please re..
Woven UD Patch
Sport your Underdog Pride with this woven patch! Put it on your martial arts gi, your backpack or an..
Formed Screens 5pk
Please read how to get the most out of each screen by keeping them clean in the first place. We find..
SS Tip
This stainless steel stem tip is the one that we use in our standard size nylon stems and NonGs. Inc..
Vinyl Stem Cap
Use this flexible vinyl cap to keep a lid on your stems. Perfect for preloading and traveling, or fo..
Tapered Corks 10pk
Small tapered cork stoppers, pack of 10 corks. Use in your silicone or silicone tipped stems to keep..
O-Rings for Core (5 pk)
A core o-ring is a high temperature silicone o-ring that is placed around the center tube (heat port..
O-Rings for Glass (10 pk)
Use these high temperature silicone O-rings to slide over your glass stems to make a grip and protec..
Hemp Fiber
100% Grade A degummed hemp fiber, combed and cleaned of most debris/contaminents, lignin removed. 3x..