O-Rings for Core (5 pk)
  • O-Rings for Core (5 pk)
  • O-Rings for Core (5 pk)
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A core o-ring is a high temperature silicone o-ring that is placed around the center tube (heat port) of the vape. In Air Cores, the o-ring is used to make a positive stop for glass stems. Since glass stems fit over the outside of the tube, they need something to stop them from just sliding all the way down until they hit the stem's screen. The o-ring is not needed for standard stainless steel tipped stems, such as the nylon, regular NonG or regular stainless steel stems. It's also not needed for standard core vapes, because they have a built in metal stopping point on the core. However, some people like to add these to their vape regardless, because they feel that they can get a little bit tighter seal with their glass stems or oversized stems.

Please note! You will not want to use these on your SC2 vapes. The Standard Core Mk2 has a solid stainless steel plate that goes around the center heat port. Your stems can rest against this plate and soak up extra heat, as long as there's not an o-ring in the way.

When an o-ring is installed on your vape, it is advised to leave it on permanently (until it wears out and needs replaced). It will not interfere with the use of any of your stems.

Comes in a pack of 5. Stems and vape not included. Check out our YouTube video on how to install a Core O-Ring.