Multi-Channel Desktop VVPS
  • Multi-Channel Desktop VVPS
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This VVPS can control more than one vape at a time, with each channel controlled independently with its own knob. This VVPS requires a separate power supply to feed it power, sold separately, and can only lower the voltage, not raise it higher than the power supply can provide. You will need a 12 or 15 volt power supply with sufficient amperage to power your vapes and a center-positive 2.1mm barrel plug. To run two vapes at the same time, you will need a 2A power supply.

Each VVPS unit comes with (2) three-foot extension cords per channel. So a 2-channel VVPS will include 4 extension cords, so that you have a spare.

Currently, only the 2-channel is available, but we will be adding the option to add more channels. Additional channels will be a $10 flat fee plus $20 per channel, up to 5 total channels. Three or more channels require a bigger box. Six channels and over will be a custom job. If you're interested in more channels, contact us so we can gauge interest.

Please read our voltage guide as fire, or damage to your vape, can occur when using more than 12v.