Car Adapter
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Power your Underdog while in the car, on the boat or anywhere a standard cigarette lighter socket is present. This cord featuers an easy to manage coiled cable that stretches to 12' so it can easily reach the backseat or the outside of the car. The plug also features an LED light to remind you the unit is powered. These adapters do not come in the standard kit but are available for purchase here and ONLY work with 12 volt vapes (with 2.1mm plugs).

Please note that your car adapter may vary from the one pictured, ie: it may have a curly or straight cord, etc.

Please use with CAUTION! This adapter will deliver whatever voltage is output by your car. This could be anywhere from none to a damaging amount, especially if your car is running! Please monitor your vape and unplug immediately if it is getting too hot.