Purple Days is no longer in business, but your old vape may have some life left in it yet! We offer a Purple Days vape rebuild service where we'll take your old heater core, clean it up, upgrade it and insert it into a new wooden body.

What exactly does a rebuild involve?

We'll remove your old core, polish and clean it up, take the crossbar out, weld the assembly together, replace the heating element, insert a screen into the center tube and then install it into a new wooden body of similar size and shape to your old one. The wood type we use will depend on availability and we'll try to match your existing wood, but common woods might include Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Ash or Oak.

What is the warranty on rebuilds?

We do offer a 90 day warranty on rebuilds, which should cover any potential problems that could crop up. Once you make it through the 90 day period, your new vape should have a lifespan typical of an original PD. If for some reason, the new heating element should go out, we'll be happy to replace it at a low cost. (Typically $10-20 + shipping)

How do we get started?

You can pay for the rebuild service here. Once your purchase has gone through, you will be able to download a PDF file containing the address and instructions for sending your old Purple Days log vape back to us. To view the download file after purchase, click on My Account and then click on Downloads.